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American Idol

Well,every Wednesday and Thursday I watch American Idol and it is my very favorite show. If you want to know what it is about read this paragraph and if you already know what it is about and the main idea of it skip this part. :

Well, There are 3 judges. Randy Jackson, He is not very nice. Jennifer Lopez, she is soooo pretty and nice and awesome. The other one is Steven Tyler. He used to be the lead singer of an old band. WEll, now back to the show. It starts out with like at least 100 people and tons go home. Then the judges let them do more performances like once they did a whole thing based on the Beatles. They will narrow it down to 24 people. Some people make it and some don't. So you have to be really good to make it to the to 24. Then the top 10. One time a girl I really liked did not make the top 10 but then they had 3 wild cards. The wild cards are just a few people that get saved once. She was a wild card.

So now there are 8 people left. And now I am going to talk about those people.

So there was this guy named Jacob Lusk and he was so good. He is not my only favorite though. One person named Sotty is only 17 and he has the lowest most country voice. I am not a huge fan of country but I love his voice. He is so good. And now there is only 2 girls. Lauren and Haley. I love Haley. She is one of my favorites. Tonight is a Thursday which means one person is leaving and I hope Haley won't. The judges have no say in who goes home now. The people vote. The judges had one save and they used it. I love Idol.
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