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I used to think that as a kid, I couldn't do very much. I used to think I had no possible way to do anthing for the world, but now that I'm in Ms. White's class that has all changed.

Ever since I got my wiki, I could talk and let people all over the world know what I was thinking. If i disagreed with something, I'd write about it.
I hope I can do something to help the world. The kids in my class are a very powerful and smart group of kids. We can do something if we try.

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I used to feel that way about myself and my effect on the world too. Thank you for sharing this wiki! (Erin from Edmonton, Canada)

What a great thought! Keep it up. (Hall Davidson, from Los Angeles)

Congratulations on your Wiki! Looks like you've put a lot of hard work into it. Yes, you can be the change! :) (TimeOutDad, NYC)

Congrats on your Wiki. You can affect a lot of people this way. I am a retired teacher in Maine and know that the kids in my former school are loving communicating with the world.

Fantastic the use of e-tools for communication. We're not alone in the world and technology can be used to bring more understanding. Just don't forget to go out and play. In Brazil we have no snow so it's easy to go play outside, but unfortunately many kids are sacrificing the outdoors for just an e-box. A good book to read about communication is: "A Bottle in the Gaza Sea" by Valerie Zenatti. Try it. You'll love it.

Thanks very much for the comments and support! I was really surprised when I saw them!
I had no idea anyone would actually look at it or anything!