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Samuel and Carrie (Character Comparison)

Samuel was from Blood On The River, a long, long time ago, when the settlers came to Jamestown for the Virginia Company. Carrie was from Grandpa’s Mountain, during the Great Depression, spending the summer with her Grandparents in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Carrie and Samuel are alike and different in many ways.

Samuel was an orphan, in his early teens and his parents had both died. Samuel didn’t care about anyone at all at first. He wasn’t happy, but the trip to Jamestown and the people with him (like Reverend Hunt and Captain John Smith) changed him.

Carrie was NOT an orphan, like Samuel, she lived with her parents, but in the book she was spending the summer with her Grandparents and the summer was supposed to be so fun like it usually is, but the Government wants to take away her Grandparents house to build a national park there. Carrie tried everything to help them keep it.

Samuel wanted everyone to survive and Carrie wanted to save the house. They both wanted to make things okay. Both stories took place in Virginia. Samuel and Carrie were both very, very brave people. They got scared at times but still tried to help. They both stood up for what they believed.

Samuel was a page for Captain John Smith and Carrie was not a page at all. Carrie was a girl in the 1930’s and Samuel was a boy in the 1600’s. Samuel was about 13 years old and Carrie was 11. Samuel lived in the times of the Indians, and Carrie definitely did not. When Carrie was living, if they wanted food they could go to the store and get it. Samuel had to hunt for his food and could only eat at certain times of the day.

Carrie and Samuel were different and alike, both very brave though. Blood On The River and Grandpa’s Mountain are two totally different books with alike characters.