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Grandpa's Mountain

1.What are the big ideas?

The big idea for Grandpa's Mountain for me is that the state of Virginia can take your home to build whatever they want as long as they pay you a decent price for it. That would be called eminent domain. In the book, Grandpa didn't want them to take their home and he tried everything he could to keep it. The government is supposed to be fair, and to me, I wouldn't call this fair.

2.How does it connect to what we already know?

We already know that the government is supposed to be fair but are they? I don't really agree with eminent domain but I didn't know that the government could do that. I didn't know that was possible and I wish that it wasn't possible. Maybe it would help people that are poor and then they get payed for their house, but what if your house is the place you grew up in and you don't want to leave it? That could be fair because the government pays you for it but in reality, if you had family near you and your house was a really good house then why would you leave it for money?

3.What do we find challenging?

Challenges in the book would probably be, trying to get their house back of course! That is like the main point of the book. ANother challenge would be trying to accept the facts that they would never see their house again. It doesn' seem challenging to try to know a fact, but it is. Especially if the fact is that your house is going to be replaced by national park. That is very challenging.

4.How have our actions and attitudes changed as a result?

Are attitudes are different toward the government now. We used to be okay with them but now we don't like the governemt. Or at least I don't think they are very nice because they promise to be fair to every man but they were not fair to Grandpa in Grandpa's Mountain. That is just what I think.