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This book made it to Amazon's page of Best Garden And Art books of 2011! That is really big because Amazon has millions of books and MY mom's made it to that list!

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Unfurling is my Mom's book!
My mom is an artist. She does mixed-media art. (Which means pretty much what it sounds like) She works at home in a room in our house that she made her studio. Her studio is really awesome, I think. It is not like an office. It has like, 4 tables and they all have paint on them. She has tubs of different paint brushes and pencils (Like the ones on the Front of The Book!) she uses for art. My mom designed the cover of it and she drew the teapot, flower, button and both shells. This book came out in June (I think) and it is in Barnes and Noble.My brother and I both draw a lot too, and she put some of our art in it. I was really excited when we got our first copy of it from her editor but a few days ago I was even more excited when she told me that her book is one of the 2011 amazon art and garden books!

My mom also teaches art. Not to kids at school, but to adults all over the world. It's really cool! She went to Australia once and Italy (That's why I went to Italy) Mostly she goes to Portland and Seattle which are not very far away. I think it's cool she does that, but I don't like when she travels.

And if you know my mom, then you know an author of a book, an artist, an art teacher, and an awesome mom!