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Hey! It's me, India! I just wanted to tell you about what's been happening to wikis lately.

Well, there is this wiki called: Getting Tricky With Wikis. Getting Tricky With Wikis
It's really cool and popular and everyone likes it. Well, now you are probably asking what it is so I better tell you. It is this site that tells you how to make scrolling banners for your wiki, the little pop up box for your wiki when you go to it and everything like that! We all wanted our wikis to be cool, and awesome so we would get lot's of visitors. First some people got bright colorful moving logos. I didn't get one because I thought they were too distracting. And this was kind of true. When you are trying to read something and neon colors are flashing in your eyes there is really nothing you can do but put your hand on the screen. But if it's a long story, your arm will get tired and then you will have to put it down. And that would be why bright moving logos are not something to use for more visitors. I guess this would be UNNECESSARY!

Now, I'll talk about the scrolling banner. I didn't have one, and lots of people did. I wanted one, so I went to Getting Tricky With Wikis to get one. It was really, really hard. I tried it many times and couldn't get it. I tried so hard and then I decided to ask Noa. She was sitting next to me working on her wiki. She showed me how and I was really happy. Then, it was time to go back to class and while I was logging out, I clicked the wrong thing and deleted my scrolling banner. I was pretty upset but since I had done it like 6 times, it was easy. That night, at home I did it, but it deleted my navigation bar. I didn't know why. I played around with it until I had to go to bed and still couldn't do it.
At school, I told Ms. White and she tried to fix it but but couldn't. We emailed help wiki too. But then, at lunch, Ms. White said to look at the different formats. Turns out, I had hit one that had no navigation bar. I changed it back and was really happy. I even got my scrolling banner. I still have it. (Obviously!) I haven't gotten tired of it yet do I guess it would be cool.

The last thing I want to tell you about is the little pop up box when you go to my wiki. You type in Indiacres.wikispaces.com and then a little box would pop up and say: India hopes you love her wiki! Everyone had one.They were easy to get and cool. We like them but if you wanted to quickly get to your wiki to show someone something or something like that, I would get super annoyed when it popped up. It came up before your page would even come up. I ended up hating mine because it would pop up no matter what. I have now deleted mine. Definitely UNNECESSARY!