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For Christmas I got my own Ipod touch . I have played with them before in Mrs.Whites class but I am not that good at things like that. I love my Ipod. I take it with me many places. [ not the grocery store.] I really love to watch American Idol and I record the performances on it that I love. It is really awesome. I have these 4 apps that are really fun. They are called Cake maker, cupcake maker, donut maker and pie maker. With the pie maker you can have so many different fillings. The apps make you hungry because the desserts look so good but you can only touch them. Also I love to put music on my Ipod touch. My favorite game is Pocket god. There is an island that has a whole bunch of different places on it but the people of the island are called Pygmies. They are little and funny and you have to take care of them. You make them go fishing or cook the fish. If the pygmies don't do what you want them to do you can cook them in the fire. It is so funny. I love my Ipod.