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Feel free to feed any of the pets! If you do they will love you forever!!!!

This is Mary Berry. She is a little sweetheart and my first virtual pet. I like her a lot. She is not very lazy and only makes a little bit of noise. Marry Berry hopes you enjoy my wiki!

This is Bamboo my panda! I like bamboo, but he is very, VERY lazy! He is really cute if you feed him though. Go ahead and try!

This is Sunshine! My 3rd pet and my 1st fish! I like her because she doesn't say much. And, when you are sad, she makes you smile! That is why I call her Sunshine! I hopes she makes you smile too!

This is my bat! His name is Twilight but don't be fooled by his cuteness. He is planning to take over Earth! Then, after Earth he will destroy the moon and take over Mars too. He will somehow make a gigantic freezer and put the sun in it and never take it out. And now you are probably like: "What about us?" Well, we will become his minions and work for him forever!!!! So, just watch out for him and don't let him out of the computer screen no matter what he tells you OKAY?!!!

This is my troublemaking Ferret named Ferret. I like the name Ferret for him and I really don't know why! Well, I hope you like him!
this is adopted by Zola and well and she is so energetic!!!!!!