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I september I went to Italy Because my mom had to teach art classes there but she did not teach while we were there. We stayed for 10 days and when me my dad and my brother Jade left she started teaching. It was my first plane ride and i really liked it . There was screens on the back of each chair and you got to choose your movie. I watched the Karate Kid with Jaden Smith.It was ten hours long and when we landed we were in Rome. Rome was my least favorite place we stayed because it was soooo urban and there was trash everywhere and everyone smoked. But it was where all the fashion was . Shoes ,clothes, and accesories. There was also a place in Rome that was ruins and it was for all homeless cats to live there so they had a home. Lots of cats were there. Pretty ones, and ones that did not look good . It was really cool to see . We also went to a town named Seiana [see- an -a] It was really cool there because the one night we were there ,a huge festival type thing was going on. People were dressed in togas and indian costumes and there was food all over and boys were throwing candy at girls . It looked like soooooooo much fun. One thing I saw in rome was the Colloseam . It was huge.I took a rock i found that was so tiny but from the Colloseam.In another place we went called Luca there was four rooms in the hotel we stayed in. It smelled really bad in the room we were in because right underneath us was a cheese shop. It smelled like old strong cheese. We also went to this place called Chinqea terre [Ching-quae-tear-ay] It means Five towns. It means that because it is made up of five tiny towns on the edge of the Medditarian sea. It was my favorite place by far.the town we stayed in [Vernazza] was just a small street. If you walked down it you would be by the sea. Everyone was really really friendly and most people spoke English so we could talk to them. the cool thing about the place was that you could hike to each town to get to each town.We did it.it was really awesome and the places were really beautiful . One thing I loved was that there was gelato stands everywhere. If you don't know what gelato is i will tell you. It is Italian Ice cream. It is way better than our ice cream. It was really everywhere . We had it twice a day usually . I loved Italy! P.S. If you want to know more about it write to me on wikispaces.