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What I think

Kids should get a chance to share what they think. That is why I have this page. At school I am not allowed to sit with my friends in other classes at lunch because we are said to be too noisy. I think we are still too noisy when we are sitting with our classes. If you agree with this let me know.

I only get 20 minutes to see my friends in other classes and that is not enough. I have to eat somewhere else everyday so I can see her. It is NOT fair. So I want it to change.

I like school a lot because I get to interact with with my friends that I rarely have playdates with. But not seeing them at lunch is not fun. I want to be able to sit with my friends and eat in the cafeteria.

Adults do some things that kids don't like. Sometimes it is ok if it is for a good reason. But if it makes no sense it should not be done.