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1. Would you rather...

Live on a deserted island for a month OR Eat brussels sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a month?

Deserted Island- Vera
ONLY brussel sprouts? PW
How about neither, Evan
deserted island,Rachel
Deserted island - nicolascres nicolascres
Probally brussel sprouts, Isobel
deserted island Zola

2. Would you rather......

Wear white for the rest of your life OR only wear black for the rest of your life?

black, Evan
well I will end up with a black dress no matter what(messy eater)-michal
White - nicolascres nicolascres
white, isobel
white Zola

3. Would you rather.....

Listen to the bagpipes super loud for a whole week OR Eat ten live grasshoppers?

That's a hard one--bagpipes, I think. PW
Neither, Evan
Bagpipes - nicolascres nicolascres
bagpipes, isobel
bagpipes Zola

4. Would you rather.....

Grow to be 12 feet tall OR shrink to be 2 feet tall?

12 feet tall-Vera
I guess 12 feet, as the world is a bit more suited to tall people than short--think about what that means for dwarfs. PW
12 feet definitely, Evan
2 feet - nicolascres nicolascres
12 feet Zola

5. Would you rather......

Drink 5 bottles of mustard OR 6 bottles of ketchup?

ketchup, definitely--I hate mustard and am slightly allergic to it. PW
ketchup, I hate mustard, Evan
Ketchup - nicolascres nicolascres
ketchup, isobel
I can not eat a lot of tomatoes or mustered Zola

6. Would you rather.....

get married to a talking pineapple OR get married to a talking apple?

I love pineapples!- Vera
Talking apple because I'd eat her, Evan
Apple - nicolascres nicolascres
apple -Zola

7. Would you rather......

Sleep hanging upside down every night for the rest of your life OR Never be able to watch TV or listen to music ever again?upside down

sleeping upside down would be SO fun- Vera
never be able to watch TV or listen to music--I can make my own! PW
not being able to watch TV, Evan
TV/Music - nicolascres nicolascres
upside down, isobel

8. Would you rather......

Shave your head bald OR dye everything you own grey?

shave my head, definitely--it'l grow back! PW
bald, Evan
Bald - nicolascres nicolascres

9. Would you rather..... (do not answer this question) Go to Noa's awesome would you rather poll OR Eat one million live spiders!

external image hairy_cartoon_spiders_poster-p228637057177391224td2a_400.jpgOR Noa's You Would You Rather Poll!

Duh, you'd go to Noa's wiki because it rocks! Do it do it do it!!

10. Would you rather.......
Go to school in a Dora costume OR Dance to the Dora theme song on a table in front of your school?
Dance - nicolascres nicolascres

11. Would you rather.....
Claim you did a huge crime even when you didn't and suffer the consequences OR Tell everyone you know that you carry your "Blankie" with you everywhere you go?
Blankie - nicolascres nicolascres

12. Would you rather.....