editing disabled

Well, at school we do wikis and we do blogs. I mostly work on my Kidblog but we still learn things on that. We write on it and respond to each other on it. It's very fun and we all like it as much as we like our wikis.

On our wikis we write whatever we want to. Same with on our blog but on wikis it is easier to communicate and you do not have to wait for it to be approved. Well, on both things we can express our voice in any way we want to do it. I want to be heard and all of your friends look at your wiki and they can go to discussion and talk to you about it. You can also have a discussion on kidblog but it would be through comments and you would have to wait for it to be approved.

I did a post on my trip to Italy so that when people want to know about it I do not have to tell the whole entire story because they can READ it!! Also I can play games and watch cool videos that my friends like and I can watch it when I am at home!!! People you know, know. You get to know things that they know and you don't. Wikispaces can let people that live in somewhere like California or China or somewhere like that know about you.

On kidblog we got to know kids in Colorado and then we skyped them. It was awesome!!!! That is why I like Wikis and Kidblog!